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Announcing The first part of the Internet edition of Trevanian's Street of the Four Winds will be available for download from 15th July 2005 here

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Crown publishers is also re-issuing the first five of Trevanian's earlier novels in their
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The Others

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Although Mr. Trevanian is obviously a conceited, arrogant, omniscient, opinionated prick, I have always enjoyed his novels. Thanks for the Cybernotes

- N.C.

I so enjoyed your new book The Crazy Ladies of Pearl Street that I stayed up all night reading until I finished. The first thing I did this morning was read your footnotes and look around your website, both of which I have enjoyed immensely.

I grew up in similar circumstances, and I couldn't tell if it was sympathy as a sister sufferer or, now that I've reached the middle class, the delicious shiver of "ohh, it's so scary" that we comfortable readers enjoy, that I felt as I read. I do know I had to find out how it all turned out. My mum had Altzheimer's also. As I look back I wonder if the combination of poverty, nutrition, stress, depression damaged her brain. She was also part Blackfoot- as I said, we have similar backgrounds, but my upbringing occurred in Western Massachusetts, in a mill town named Turner's Falls.

Any way, you brought back many memories of my own growing up, and I thank you and Wish you all the best. Sincerely,

- Paula

Greetings, webmaster colleague of Trevanian, or (dare to dream) perhaps the elusive Trevanian hisself. I'm sure that Crown has been assiduously collecting critical feedback on the latest publications. This is mine:

(the reader can click on this link to read the review)

Sorry to be so gushy. If I had twice the allotted space, I should have mentioned that Trevanian views critics as intellectual parasites,the yojimbo of the worker-drones -- as do. Therefore, my comments are offerings of appreciation, as opposed to the usual critical method of explaining how the work should have properly been done, had the critic only the time and energy left over from the important work of deriding art.

Doing this piece on Crazyladies reminded me that I should be out there in the field, taking my lumps as an artist, not lobbing them from the safe distance of pseudo-objective punditry.

So...thanks for everything. Again.

-Ron Yamauchi

I just finished reading The Crazyladies of Pearl Street and as always when I finish a book by Trevanian, I am left hungering for more. I therefore certainly hope that "The Street of the Four Winds" is indeed published in the near future.

My mother gave my husband a copy of Shibumi as a Christmas present when it was first published. My husband had mentioned that he wanted to read the book when he discovered it in Playboy magazine. Well, not only did he read the book, but I and our two adolescent children at the time read it as well. We were totally taken with Nicolai Hel, one of the most complete and rich characters I have ever known in fiction. "Trevanian buffs" know this; I am sorry that more avid readers do not. Many don't even know who Trevanian is - at least in my circle of readers. Nonetheless, after reading Shibumi I passed the book around to my friends in Mexico City, where I was living at the time. One was my psychiatrist, himself a Spaniard from Valencia, and he and I delved deeply into a character analysis of Nicolai Hel - who was not by any means a psychopath, as for example, the main character in Frederick Forsyth's, The Day of the Jackal. Today I myself am a psychotherapist and throughout the years have recommended Shibumi to some of my patients in therapy. All have gotten something meaningful from the reading. Now, after reading Part I of Street of the Four Winds, I am sure that there will be characters that will make Trevanian's readers not only think but also experience...because this is what reading Trevanian does to one....think and experience. The Crazyladies of Pearl Street took me back to my childhood days (I was born in 1943) and reading the book was a trip in nostalgia and for post-war days in NY City. My mother, who is now 86 years old, is reading the book. She is another "Trevanian buff". So, please give us more!!! And thank you for reading this lone E-mail...

In ending I just want to wish Trevanian good health and a longer life. he still has so much to give his admirers.

- Christine, Texas




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