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Announcing Trevanian's latest novel
The Crazyladies of Pearl Street
published 4 June 2005

Crown publishers is also re-issuing the first five of Trevanian's earlier novels in their
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Trevanian/Crazyladies of Pearl Street/Radio Broadcasts

Mother brought us home the long way around, down State Street to the closed A-One Pawn Shop, where we stood before the window looking at the radio and imagining all the drama, comedy, music and news that could come pouring out at the click of a switch. We knew about this because we’d had the use of a friend’s radio for a month during our last summer at Lake George Village and we’d spent several hours each day listening to programs coming to us from as far away as Glens Falls and Schenectady. I wondered how much the shopkeeper would ask for this radio, considering that its walnut cabinet was cracked and some of the inlaid bits were missing. I liked its reliable, old-fashioned key-hole shaped cabinet and its upside-down face with an arched dial of a mouth above two turn-knob eyes. If it had been newer it would probably have been Bakelite molded into that universal design idiom of the ‘Thirties: Streamlining. This smooth swept-back look was logical for automobiles and locomotive engines, but throughout the ’Thirties streamlining was applied to all kinds of products and articles, even the least appropriate: toasters, lamps and handbag clasps were streamlined, as well as book ends, exit signs, money clips, barrettes for girls’ hair, ashtrays, facades of buildings...all sorts of things were designed to come flying at you through the air. No wonder it was a nervous decade.- The Crazyladies of Pearl Street -

For this research, I acknowledge the unparalleled learning and experience of Bill Daly who has contributed material for the benefit of The Crazyladies of Pearl Street readership

Radio Shows from 1936 onwards

Lucky Strike Hit Parade 1936+

Roosevelt Fireside Chat
Amos 'n Andy 1928 and also here at Radio Hall of Fame Amos 'n Andy and you can download a sample from a show here The Marriage Proposal Mix-up
Fred Allen and Allen’s Alley; The Fred Allen Show Texaco Star Theatre.(Allens Alley debuted on 6 Dec 1942)
Lone Ranger, Masked Rider of the Plains and also at Radio Hall of Fame Lone Ranger
Jack Benny
Inner Sanctum
Jack Armstrong
The Shadow
listen to a sample of The Green Hornet 1938
listen to a sample of the The Whistler 1942
Fibber McGee 10/31/39 also at Radio Hall of Fame Fibber McGee
a download Listen to a sample broadcast of the war in Europe before US joined
War of the Worlds broadcast
The voice of Edward R Murrow, also listen to his voice here
download a sample of First Nighter (1941)
Listen to the voice of W.C.Fields
Gabriel Heater
H V Kaltenborn

Click on the radio to listen to a random snippet from the radio of the Crazyladies era

Listen to a war radio sample

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