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Trevanian's CrazyLadies of Pearl Street cover

The Crazyladies of Pearl Street

June 2005, Crown Publishers, NY

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In his own words

Q: From reading The Crazyladies of Pearl Street, it is clear your mother was a major force in your life. What would her reaction have been to this book?

She would have liked it, because she liked novels about strong and feisty women who refused to be oppressed by society and circumstance. My mother's deep desire for recognition and success for herself and for her children would have been gratified by seeing herself as the heroine of a novel, particularly of a novel written by her son. Proof that her ship had come in. Although, come to think of it, she might have taken offense at my poking fun of her quixotic use of idiomatic expressions. But she'd have to accept it, like it or lunk it.

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Trevanian's cybernotes companion to his novel the Crazy Ladies of Pearl Street

These 'cybernotes' are intended as a companion to the novel and are available for download only from this web site from the 4th April 2005.

They are also ebook Reader-enabled but you will need Adobe acrobat 5.0 or better to view them. If you haven't got version 5 then upgrade here.

Readers can download the cybernotes (830k) right now by clicking on the cybernote icon above

Depending on your browser settings the file will open in an Acrobat viewer or a save dialogue will pop up (choose option 'save to disk'). It is recommended to save this file directly to disk by right clicking on your mouse rather than using the Acobat viewer to open the file while on-line.

You can also click here to download a smaller zip file (630k)

The CrazyLadies of Pearl Street Cybernotes Companion

This remarkable novel about a boy's life in the slums of Albany, NY in the years preceding and during the Second World War is packed with detail of the era: advertising, film, songs and music, radio programs. These details, enhanced by Trevanian's insights to a vast array of cultural themes both past and current, have been packed into a single file as a complete annotated companion to the novel.

About the cybernotes, Trevanian writes - "Some of these notes are fuller treatments of things touched upon en passant in the novel, others are illuminations and comments about how things were, how they are, and, occasionally, how they should be. There are also a few cranky jeremiads from an old man looking back ruefully.

"I am assured by people who claim to know about such things that something like ninety-five percent of the readers will not so much as glance into these notes. Fine, they'll be for that quirky slice of humanity that has always contained my favorite readers...the Others."

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