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Announcing Trevanian's latest novel
The Crazyladies of Pearl Street
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Crown publishers is also re-issuing the first five of Trevanian's earlier novels in their
Summer of Trevanian

Trevanian's Works/Street of the
Four Winds/Chapter 1 - Internet Edition

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Part 1 of the Internet edition is available as a free download (now in reduced file size - only 600K) in Adobe pdf file format contained in a zip file from 18th July.
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read an excerpt here

From the book jacket (The writer is obviously a devoted Trevanian buff. But even stripped of its breathlessness, it serves as a description of this broad-canvas book.(-ed.)

In Street of the Four Winds, Trevanian has created a bold, witty, tragic-comic Victorian novel, teeming with action and filled with young artists and revolutionaries who have bound themselves into a protective family of social outsiders against the indifferent domination of the mercantile masses. It follows the humourous fortunes and tragic misfortunes of youth at a breathless pace through the year of 1848. Using elements from his various writing personae, Trevanian has merged the bawdy wit of Nicholas Seare, Arnaud LeCagot's affectionate understanding of the Basque character, and his own meticulous research into conditions and practices in Paris in the middle of the 19th century to produce a fast-paced, panoramic vision of the Bohemian ideal colliding with humanized representatives of those political and economic themes that have always lurked in the background of a Trevanian novel.

Showing a mastery of story-telling techniques and in complete control of the difficult form, Street of the Four Winds deals with the struggle for recognition, the need for friendship and love, and the pain of failure and loss...themes familiar to those readers of Hugo, Balzac and the rest, but Trevanian's heroes and heroines also confront such modern enemies as monopolistic corruption, institutionalized poverty, endemic injustice and the beginnings of what we now call 'The System'.

Stylistically anti-modern, Trevanian's broad-canvas novel is a rare treat, an utterly absorbing universal tale, filled with wit and charm, that carries us back to that marvellous exuberant time in youth when there was everything to be played for in life, and when almost everything can be suffered for friends and first loves.

read an excerpt here

Special Edition

In days gone by, many books came into existence by virtue of a subscription system. An author produced a proposal for a book, and then found readers for it. Those readers paid the author by installments and the author wrote the book, and got it printed and bound for those readers in a numbered edition.

Consider the first part of Street of the Four Winds that is available for free on as the proposal. If you like what you read and want to see how the story unfolds then help us by telling us what you think using the form below.

Gravity Publishing is considering every production possibility, from a trade paper three volume edition to a high-cost beautifully-bound collector's limited edition that might increase in value...maybe even signed by Trevanian, if that is possible.

If you have preference or another idea about how to get this wonderful tale out to the readers, we would like to hear from you.

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I would be satisfied with a simple inexpensive edition if the majority of readers want it.
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The Special Edition of Street of the Four Winds

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